Digital Storytelling Tools

As I’ve been learning about digital storytelling tools, I’ve been trying a couple out to see what will work best in my future classroom. I’ve tried Little Bird Tales, Storybird, and MyStoryBook. I spent a couple minutes playing with the text and picture tools to evaluate which platform is the best, especially for young children! MyStoryBook is the most user friendly, with big buttons and text and very clear directions. Elementary students could easily create and publish stories using MyStoryBook.

I decided to use MyStoryBook while I was babysitting and four year old girl. We spent some time planning our story before creating it online. Penny decided she wanted to write about Trick-or-Treating. She had a lot of fun going through all the characters and pictures available. This might be distracting in a classroom, but it worked well at home. Because she is only four, I did the typing but she chose everything else.

Once you finish the book, you have the option to publish and share it on social media or using email. The overall process was very easy and exciting for a four year old girl. This could be used in so many engaging ways in the classroom. In the future, I’d like to look into comic strip storytelling tools, as they might be more fun for older children.

Link to MyStoryBook Story:

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.21.28 PM


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